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One of the things we like to focus on in all of our programs is that safety and security doesn’t have to be complex or difficult. There are so many things you can do to make your home less of a target for bad guys.  We like to teach that the best way to make yourself and your home a “bad” target is by using layers of simple security. Using plants can add a few more layers to your home’s security.

Personally, I seem to have been cursed with the ability to kill almost any plant regardless of how many books or videos I read about them.  But I think that is not the norm.  There are many plants that are so hardy that even I can’t seem to mess them up! I’ve even found some stores that have a “guaranteed survival” for some plants.  I love those plants.

Well, I’ve found a few articles I’d like to share with you.  Read through them and see what kind of plants you can use around your home to deter criminals.  For those of you with a “greener” thumb than I have (which wouldn’t take much) there are some specifics about the plants that do help with home security.

Although these articles focus on plants for the exterior of your home, don’t forget the interior either.  Potted plants in window sills or on tables in front of windows are obstacles for criminals trying to get into your home quietly.  The more they have to move or climb over, the more likely they’ll create some noise that will alert you to their presence. So brighten up those rooms with windows that might be easily accessible from the outside by putting several plants in front of those windows!  Indoor plants that are bushy or have large leaves can also make it harder for criminals to see inside your home.

There are a few things I’d like for you to remember when considering the plants and shrubs around your home:

NOT what you want your security cameras to record!

NOT what you want your security cameras to record!

1) If you have security cameras on the exterior of your home, you need to keep your trees and bushes trimmed so they don’t block your camera’s view. A wonderful video of leaves gently swaying in front of your camera lens won’t help the police identify who tried to break into your home!
2) The same goes for your outdoor lighting.  Outdoor lighting is a great deterrent, but plants that haven’t been pruned can end up creating lots of shadows that a would be burglar or attacker can now use for hiding.
3) On the topic of “hiding,” make sure your outdoor plants aren’t providing hiding places for bad guys, ESPECIALLY around the entry points a criminal could use, like windows, doors, and crawl space openings. These are some great places for the “defensive plants” you’ll read about in the articles below.

Although this one is from the UK, I think many of the plants would do here as well (which doesn’t mean much coming from ME!). But take a look.  Plus, there’s lots of other great articles on their site as well.  Just try to use a solid English accent when your reading their articles, ok?

Defensive plants, shrubs and trees (shrub fences)

Here’s one from I think you’ll enjoy (don’t worry about the accent on this one).

Protecting Your Home With Defensive Bushes

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Take care and keep being safe!


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