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Feel it in your B.O.N.E.S.™ Powering up your instincts and intuition


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A program to supercharge your intuition and protective instincts. One of the key problems people have a challenge with is recognizing there is a problem or a danger BEFORE they are in it! If you don’t know there’s a problem until you’re in it, your options are narrowed down to escape and survive. BUT, when you can recognize the danger earlier, NOW you have options that include avoiding the situation altogether, which is so much easier AND safer (especially if you have children with you).  In this program you will learn how to identify the clues that you may be in danger, and how to supercharge your intuition in order to stay away from it and  stay safe.  This program is approximately 5 hours long and is split up into 2 days. A recording of each day will be available for 30 days after airing live. To set up a private or in-person class contact us through the contact us page.

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