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FemVincible Level 1: The 6 Dragons


Around the world, dragons are seen as incredibly powerful. They can provide wisdom and support, or they can destroy everything in their path!

In every situation you face, there are 6 powers or energies that are also present. We call them “dragons” because those 6 powers can easily destroy every effort you make towards success. And they can do that in any part of your life: your romantic relationship, the business you started (or want to start), your social life, your parenting, your journey of healing trauma, and of course, keeping yourself safe from predators, abusers, jerks, and traffickers!

Just like the dragons of cultures around the world, those 6 powers can also be approached with curiosity and reverence. And THAT is when those powerhouses of destruction can become the allies that will support you in being safe and successful in every part of your life, in the face of any challenge!

In this 8-session program you will meet each of these “dragons,” see how they have been putting you in life circumstances you don’t like, and learn to harness these incredible powers that allow you to start mastering all aspects of your life. You’ll also learn how to teach and model this to your children so they can grow up knowing themselves to be both powerful and worthy.

This course includes interactive instruction, guided journaling, and practical exercises so you can see how each one works for or against you in your life (based solely on your understanding of them and your choice to empower yourself with them).

How does this make you safer? Bullies, abusive men who want a girlfriend or wife they can control and manipulate, predators who want to violate your body sovereignty, and traffickers who want to steal your life and body for profit ALL have things they look for in their victims. What are they looking for? Someone who has low self-confidence; someone who doesn’t believe in themself; someone they believe they can manipulate mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Learning to believe in yourself, learning the power you have, learning what you can do to be the victor in any situation, learning to respect and own the REAL you creates a confidence you can apply every day in every situation. It is a Whole-Life Confidence™ that you keep forever. THAT kind of confidence tells a predator “not this one” even when you don’t know he’s looking at you. Whole-Life Confidence™ is a super power that is already waiting to emerge from the power you have within you, and you’ll have 6 dragons to support you.

The changes you can see in your life from this course alone will blow your mind. The ability to share this and model it to your children as they grow will make them safer, more confident, self-reliant, and more successful as they grow from toddlers to teens to young adults and beyond. This program can allow you to give your children what your parents and their parents didn’t even know was possible. (8 week course)

*This course is only offered publicly one or two times per year.  Contact Us to inquire about a private group or to get information about the next upcoming course.

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