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Powerful Families


There’s a massive amount of energy and power that usually lies dormant within a relationship. Why? Because the power in each spouse needs the spark and the fuel that can only come from the other. Our society, our cultures, and even our parents didn’t teach us about this power or this amazing ability for each spouse to lift the other with an empowering energy that is almost impossible to conceive.

That power makes each spouse more confident, more resiliant, more loyal, more connected, and more capable of creating the life others only dream of. But there’s more.

That power creates children who believe in themselves, who know their worth regardless of what they hear in school, or on tv, or on social media. That power spills over to the children so that they grow up feeling respect for themselves. That power, when brought to life in a couple or in a family, makes each person safer from negative influences of their individual and joint pasts. It becomes armor for their relationship, and medicine for the stumbling blocks they encounter. It becomes a key to open the doors of vulnerability to each other, safe from the outside world.

That family becomes powerful. It becomes safe. It becomes a legacy of trust and hope for every generation to come.

*This course is only offered publicly one or two times per year.  Contact Us to inquire about a private group or to get information about the next upcoming course.

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