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Powerful Personal Awareness for Everyday People


Whenever you hear someone on the news telling you to be more “situationally aware,” what you DON’T hear is any follow-on instructions. Things like what to be aware of, how to become more aware, what to do when I become aware of something bad?  Well this program teaches you all of that and more!

This in-depth program, you will learn how to apply personal awareness for more than just criminal situations. That same ability to know and understand what’s going on around you can help you escape and survive other situations as well, such as natural disasters, storms, fire, building collapse, and more. You’ll also learn how to use it for everyday situations and in situations where you may have an opportunity for growth, enrichment, promotion at work, or even finding that one thing to help you start your own business.  This program will leave you seeing help and opportunity where others see nothing but hopelessness!

This course is normally taught over the course of 2-3 weeks in classes that are approximately 2 hours each (2 classes weekly or 3 classes weekly) and is available in-person or virtually. *This course is only offered publicly one or two times per year.  Contact Us to inquire about a private class for your business, organization, or group.

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