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Safety and Security Home Review


You look at your home a certain way. Is it welcoming? Is it comfortable. Is it attractive? Does it protect us from the elements? And here’s a really important one: does it keep us safe from criminals? Unfortunately, for most people that last question really just means “Are the doors and windows closed and locked?”

Criminals look at your home in certain ways as well. Those “certain ways” depend on what kind of criminal is looking. A burglar is looking for certain things. A sexual predator is looking for certain things. A drugged up junkie is looking for certain things. A child molester or kidnapper is looking for certain things too.

As a former police officer, federal agent, and soldier, I look at your house a certain way too. I look at it and see how you can make your home very undesirable to criminals. I look at it and see where it can be reinforced without looking like a prison. I look at the inside and see how the design of your home, the layout of your furniture, and the contents of each area, each room, can be used against any predator. Because sometimes, even with locked doors and windows, we have people in our homes that we don’t know are predators. Its scary, but true.

Your home CAN be your fortress (without having to look like one). Your home can be a powerful tool, even a weapon that can be used defensively and offensively against someone wanting to get in, and someone who got in under cover of friendship, romance, or repair.

I will come to your house and, using my years of military and law enforcement experience, show you what criminals look for and what they will use to get in and to get out. I’ll also show you exactly what you can do to truly make your home the castle that protects you and your children, without spending a fortune and without making your home look like a military facility!

This can be done as a class for a Home Owner’s Association, a neighborhood patrol group, or as a 1:1 private service.  Either way, we can make your home and your family as safe as they can be! Contact Us to inquire about a private home review for yourself, your association or your group.

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