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Stealing the Dragon


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Stealing the Dragon
How to take power back from predators and keep them from using yours!

Predators, abusers, and traffickers are looking for the “right” women and children to target.
There are three different “arenas” of your life where they can get information from you and then use that information about you to power up their own confidence: the confidence that makes them believe you are the right target, and the confidence to carry out their plan.

The chances are pretty high that no one has told you about these three arenas where predators can power themselves up enough to do terrible things to someone like you or your children.  And the chances are even higher that no one has told you how YOU can be in charge of those 3 arenas, that YOU can keep predators and abusers from using your energy to build their own confidence, and that YOU can actually take that energy away from them, causing them to not see you as a target!

I use the image of a Dragon to indicate power. Power is neutral – it can be used for good or for evil. Power can be ramped up, and it can be diminished. This can and does happen even if you’re not aware of it. Your Dragon is made weak by certain things and it is made strong by certain other things.

Knowing about that power that both everyday people and predators have can level the playing fields of the arenas where predators usually use your Dragon’s low energy level to power themselves up.

Understanding how to work with that power/your Dragon, what you can do in your daily life to make your Dragon bigger than a predator’s, well that doesn’t just level the playing field, it gives YOU the advantage.

In “Stealing the Dragon™” you’ll learn:
-What are the 3 arenas where you’re probably losing a lot of energy
-How are predators using that energy
-How you can stop your power/your Dragon from becoming weak and attractive to a predator
-How you can, through empowering yourself, cause a predator’s power and confidence to diminish practically removing you from his radar as soon as he sees you
-How you can work with your children to teach them these powerful lessons to keep them safe

Even though this is an introductory course to the world of FemVincible™, it will provide you and your family powerful and practical skills to live a much safer and happier life.

Available as a virtual or in-person class for your company, organization, sorority, school, church, or private group.

Duration: 3 hours
Requirements: Women age 17+
Cost: $60 per person. Contact us for group rates.

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