Programs and Services

Here you will find what we offer for you, your family, business, organization, school, or private group.  Whether you want the most in-depth practical program available for personal safety or an educational and eye-opening talk for your group, we are ready to help.

Check back soon for more on our Brand New courses!
GREAT NEWS: The new courses are almost complete!

In addition to the powerful course on Creating Your Own Fortress No Matter Where You Are, I have developed some new programs that I am SO excited about.  I’ll be sharing more about them later, but they are incredible and can make you confident and safe like you’ve never experienced before.  Here’s a peek:

Our new flagship program (that requires no martial arts training and no firearms) is called FemVincible!™  It is 3 separate levels of training that covers everything from inner emotional conflict that is keeping you in danger no matter what physical skills you have, to psychological warfare skills you can use against an attacker or predator to make him see you as too dangerous to target, and physical skills that will affect a predator on a subconscious level giving you an incredible advantage over him! And there’s so much more!!!

I’ve also created another great stand-alone course that will teach you 6 simple skills that can help you face and survive any challenge. From natural disasters to terrorist events and other situations you hope to never face, you will be able to escape and survive where others may see nothing but hopelessness.  This is one POWERFUL program!  (I haven’t named it yet, but ladies, you’ll love it)

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Public Speaking and Group Talks

We are excited to speak to your group in order to help them be more aware of how they can be safer in any situation using skills they already have but are being underutilized.  But even more importantly than that, we want them to know the positive impact those skills can have on EVERY area of their life once they start using them effectively and consistently!  Regardless of age, size, shape, fitness level, and even physical challenges, women and girls CAN be safer, more confident, and more capable to handle ANY situation.

Whether you are a government office, college, sorority, violence and abuse survivor’s support group, home owners association, or even a private group of concerned women, contact us for a complimentary (local area only) group talk about being Safe, Confident, and Capable in ANY situation!
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